Voice Audition Requirements

Vocalists should have two selections with contrasting tempos, i.e. fast and slow, prepared to perform. Students may select the order of the performance.

Students currently taking private lessons should consult his or her instructor as to appropriate music for an audition. For students not taking lessons, any selections from the UIL solo list would be appropriate. A high school choral director would have this list and could offer suggestions. Feel free to contact us for suggestions.

Dr. Justin Hodges, Director of Choral Activities jhodges@etbu.edu
Dr. Virginia Lile Boaz, Vocal Coordinator vboaz@etbu.edu

Music may be performed by memory or with the original music as the student might prefer. Photocopied music and taped accompaniment is usually considered inappropriate for auditions.


Students may bring their own accompanist, or we will be happy to provide one. If this has not already been arranged by phone, please contact the Communication and Performing Arts Office. It will be helpful for you to have the music in hand when you call. If we are providing an accompanist, we ask that you fax or mail copies of your music to us at least one week in advance so the accompanist will be familiar with your selections.

Our fax number is 903-934-8114 or mail to:

ETBU School of Communication and Performing Arts
One Tiger Drive
Marshall, TX 75670

To schedule your audition contact the Music Office at music@etbu.edu or phone 903-923-2158.

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