Holistic Student Development

Based on Biblical principles, the Student Affairs mission, vision, and core values emphasize that Jesus Christ is our guiding light for supporting holistic student development at ETBU. Scripture informs us that Jesus grew in wisdom and stature; and in favor with God and man (Luke 2:52, NIV). Student Affairs supports and encourages our students to:

•    pursue their intellectual curiosities,
•    live healthy (mentally & physically),
•    grow spiritually,
•    and build meaningful life-long relationships.

Our purpose is to support students’ holistic development, which reflects Christ’s empowerment for service and leadership. Above all, we base our foundation for helping students to live, learn, lead, and succeed on the biblical principle of love (Luke 10:27, NIV). Christ instructs us to love God with all [our] heart, soul, strength, and mind, and to love our neighbors as ourselves. Through the lens of Scripture, Student Affairs aims to empower future leaders.

Focusing on Student Success

Student Affairs is intentional about designing programs, services, and campus partnerships that provide students with resources to succeed in a caring and challenging environment where exemplary service is expected and nurtured. Listed below are our core values that guide Student Affairs programmatic objectives.

Community: Promote a healthy and safe learning environment that fosters a sense of belonging, common purpose, commitment, and collaborative partnerships. Recognize, respect, and celebrate diversity as well as practice inclusiveness and demonstrate civility in all discourse to encourage teamwork, honest communication, and support for each member of the community.

Engagement: Encourage students to get involved in meaningful educational experiences that promote positive faculty, staff, and peer interactions along with a substantial investment of effort, time, and psychological energy to achieve individual and shared success.

Learning: Assist students to engage in the learning process by taking personal ownership of their growth, development, and mastery of learning both in and out of the classroom. Help students connect real life experiences to their classroom learning and intellectual curiosities in order to cultivate a deeper understanding of the material as well as personal and educational goals.

Responsibility: Model the way for students to demonstrate responsible citizenship in organizations, residence halls, the ETBU community, and society. Provide guidance and accountability that promotes responsible stewardship, character, honesty, ethical decision making, and integrity.

Service and Leadership: Demonstrate, acknowledge, and support the leadership values of ETBU. Advocate that all students have God-given potential and can learn exemplary leadership practices. Above all, students who graduate from ETBU will demonstrate a Christ-centered heart for service toward the common good.

From students’ first day on campus to graduation and beyond, Student Affairs encourages and supports students to engage in our community of faith and make the most of their college experience. To learn more about Student Affairs programs, activities, and services, please call 903-923-2320 or visit our office located on the first floor of the Ornelas Student Center.