ID Card Office

Location: Ornelas Student Center
Phone Number: 903-923-2320
Staff: Student Affairs
Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday, 8am – 5pm

Tiger Card MasterCard Debit Fees

ETBU and Herring Bank have teamed up to offer you a convenient, one-card solution with the Tiger Card.The Tiger Card is a multi-functional card which allows you to open an optional checking account with free access to Herring Bank ATMs and to make no-fee purchases at merchant locations that accept MasterCard or pin-based transactions. It’s the easy way to access cash and make purchases on and off campus. Please refer to new account disclosures for a complete list of terms and conditions and related fees associated with a College Green account offered from Herring Bank in Amarillo, TX.

Lost Tiger Card

If you have lost your card, contact the Customer Service Center immediately at 1-866-348-3435 to prevent theft of the funds in your account.  The sooner you report a lost or stolen card, the less chance there is of losing your funds.  You will also need to go to the ID Card office for a new card.


Online Deposits

Parents and/or students can transfer funds from an existing bank account using our ONLINE DEPOSITS web page.

Payroll Direct Deposit

Present your routing and account numbers to your employer.  Your routing number is 111302846.  You can obtain your account number by calling 1-866-348-3435.

Financial Aid Disbursements

Your Tiger Card account will be the default account for all ETBU student disbursements.
If you would like to designate a different account for your direct deposits, you may do so through Campus Connect.