Residential Communities Matter

Research has shown that residential living is an important factor in successful completion of a higher education degree. During the transition to college life, living on campus provides a needed anchor for personal and academic development. Students who live in residence halls earn higher grades, are less likely to drop out, and have greater satisfaction with their college experience. They tend to build closer relationships with other students, as well as with faculty and staff. Because of these factors, the higher education experience at ETBU is rooted in residential living.

ETBU has such a strong commitment to the importance of the residential experience that all full-time single students under the age of 21, not living with a parent within commuting distance, are required to live on campus and participate in the food service program. Students wanting to live off campus must be 21 by the first class day of the semester and they must fill out a permission to live off campus form in the Office of Student Affairs. In order to maintain consistency within the peer groups in residence halls, the University has limited space available for students age 25 and older on a first-come, first-served basis.

Any exceptions to the housing policy must be granted in writing by the Vice President for Student Affairs. For more information about Residence Life call Student Affairs at (903) 923-2320.