Offender Rehabilitation Concentration

This concentration is designed for students who want to help guide offenders back into society through effective case management and treatment. Students in this concentration will take psychology courses related to the assessment and treatment of offenders. This concentration is ideal for students who have an interest in criminal justice as well as an interest in being the servant leader Christ calls us to be.


handcuffs.jpgTwenty-one (21)semester hours:

Foundation Studies: Fifteen (15) semester hours
CJUS 4304 Correctional Counseling
CJUS 3318 Probation and Parole
PSYC 2301 Introduction to Phychology
PSYC 3304 Behavior Modification
PSYC 3369 Group Dynamics
Support Studies: Six (6) semester hours from the following:
CJUS 3306 Violence and Victimization
CJUS 3313 Drugs and Drug Policy
CJUS 3317 Restorative Justice
PSYC 3301 Dynamics of the Counseling Process
PSYC 3306 Theories of Personality
PSYC 3337 Counseling Methods and Practice
PSYC 4301 Psychological Assessment
PSYC 4304 Abnormal Psychology