The purpose of the Criminal Justice program at East Texas Baptist University is to build academic excellence, social consciousness, leadership and Christian character. We believe these endeavors prepare students to serve humanity and the Kingdom of God.


ETBU is the only university in Texas that allows students to complete Police Academy Training while earning a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice.

Criminal Justice Degree Concentrations:

Public Safety Administration

Offender Rehabilitation

East Texas Baptist University offers a wide variety of choices for students interested in criminal justice.  Students interested in careers in law enforcement, residential or community corrections, or forensic science, along with those wishing to pursue advanced degrees in criminal justice, are able to earn either a Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice.  Both degree plans provide students with a strong foundation in all aspects of the criminal justice system. Combined with a minor in forensic science or one of three available degree concentrations, ETBU prepares students for a career in criminal justice while providing skills and knowledge that increases their marketability to potential employers.

The criminal justice program at East Texas Baptist University offers students the opportunity to engage in a field of study that fits both their academic strengths and career goals.  Students may tailorIMG_9754.jpg their degree with a variety of compatible minors or choose to specialize by choosing one of two degree concentrations.    Forward thinking students looking ahead to becoming supervisors, wardens, police chiefs, or agency administrators will learn the necessary public administration skills through the Public Safety Administration concentration.  The Offender Rehabilitation concentration is designed for students who wish to help adult and juvenile offenders reform and reclaim their lives through rehabilitation and counseling. The forensic science minor provides criminal justice students with additional investigative skills needed when investigating crime and testifying in court. 

For more information, complete the Request Information Form, or call the Department of Criminal Justice at 903-923-2094.

Join us to prepare for an exciting career in Criminal Justice or Forensic Science.


Students completing the baccalaureate degree in criminal justice will be prepared:
1. To begin entry level work in the crimial justice system requiring a bachelor's degree.
2. To enter graduate programs in criminal justice.
3. To intergrate Christian values with knowledge essential for effective service in 
    varied criminal justice settings.
4. To work both with people who are, and those who are not, motivated
    by values related to Christian faith.
5. To demonstrate a thorough understanding of the social organization and 
    administration of the criminal justice system.
6. To understand and apply basic research methods in criminal justice including research design
    data analysis, and interpretation.
7. To respect and use critical thinking, skeptical inquiry, and when possible, the
   scientific approach to solve problems related to behavior and social processes.