Honors Research Student: Joseph Meadows

Joseph Meadows (Chemistry, 2016) completed an honor’s research project in Chemistry this semester.  His project, supervised by Dr. Kristin Butterworth, focused on testing the efficacy of a custom-made, low-cost atmospheric chamber.  This chamber was coupled with a GC/MS and was used to test gas-phase mixtures with the hopes of eventually modeling atmospheric systems and reactions.  Joe’s primary goal was to prepare and troubleshoot the chamber.  Finally, he tested the system by inputting acetylene and analyzing the output with the GC/MS.  The results were promising and will lead into further research on the project.

The Big Kablooey

On April 21, the EtBu Chemistry Club hosted the Big Kablooey in the University Apartments.  The event featured explosions, flames, dry ice, and liquid nitrogen.  The loud bangs of exploding H2/O2 balloons and dry ice bombs brought UA students out of their rooms to watch and participate.  The chemistry students used this opportunity to teach about the science behind the spectacle.  The event was the capped off with homemade liquid nitrogen ice cream.

Texas Academy of Science 2016 Annual Meeting

ETBU was well represented at the 2016 annual meeting of the Texas Academy of Science held at the Llano River Field Station of Texas Tech University from 4-5 March.  Ten students attended the meeting to learn more about the research being conducted throughout the state.  Of the ten students, five had a role in the meeting, four students presented research and one student competed for one of the undergraduate research awards.  Students presenting research  were: Cullen Wilder, research poster –  Carpal glands in raccoons (Procyon lotor); Sydney Keane, research poster – Seasonal variation in activity of raccoons (Procyon lotor) in an urban ecosystem; Ben Rhodes, research poster – Food habits of raccoons (Procyon lotor) in an urban ecosystem, and Joe Meadows, research poster – An investigation into air sample testing using a miniature atmospheric chamber and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry.  Joel Rogers competed for the undergraduate research grant.   Dr. Troy A. Ladine presented research entitled Scent marking in raccoons (Procyon lotor).  He also served as chair for the Conservation Ecology Section of the Academy.  The mission of the Texas Academy of Science is to promote scientific research in Texas colleges and universities, to encourage research as a part of student learning and enhance the professional development of its professional and student members. 


Upcoming Events

Spring Events 2016

Three Regional American Chemical Society Meetings
  • April 21, Connie Hendrickson, Arkon Consultants @ UT-Tyler
  • September, Jeff Gaffney, University of Arkansas-Little Rock @ Tex-arkana Collage
  • October, Dawn Mason, Eastman Chemical, Kinsport, TN @ ETBU, Marshall
The Big Kablooey at University Apartments
  • April 21, 5:30 at the University Apartments Parking Lot
  • Event Description: This event will include explosions, implosions, liquid nitrogen ice cream.

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