Take the teachings that you heard me proclaim in the presence of many witnesses, and entrust them to  reliable people, who will be able to teach others, also.  2 Timothy 2:2



We are made up of physical, social, spiritual and mental / emotional aspects that integrate to form, complete and make us individually whole. The physiological benefits of exercise upon the human condition are well documented; moreover, research continues to demonstrate the benefits of physical activity upon the social, spiritual and mental / emotional well being of its participants. Along with our minds and spirits, we take our bodies to places of leisure, learning, work and worship. Therefore, attaining knowledge and skills related to physical health, fitness and wellness allows for the promotion of the total well being of man.


Thus, it is the aim of the Department of Kinesiology to:
  • Promote the benefits of an active lifestyle to the campus community
  • Prepare students, who wish to attend, for graduate school
  • Prepare professional educators in the field of physical education
  • Prepare professionals for careers in health, fitness and wellness industries
  • Prepare athletic trainers for careers in education, clinical practice and amateur or professional sports

The department offers programs leading to degrees for the Bachelor of Science and the Bachelor of Science in Education. A major in Kinesiology - Wellness Management, Rehabilitative Science, Sport Management, or Athletic Training may be chosen for the the Bachelor of Science degree. A major in All-Level Physical Education is offered for the Bachelor of Science in Education degree. The department also offers a minor in Kinesiology.



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If you have questions, please contact the Chair of the Kinesiology Department.