French Course Listings

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FREN 1411 Elementary French I (4)
This course is an introduction to the French language and culture. Emphasis is given to grammar, vocabulary, oral practice, and basic reading skills. Three hours lecture and two one-hour laboratory periods each week are required.

FREN 1412 Elementary French II (4)
This course is a continuation of FREN 1411. Prerequisite: FREN 1411.

FREN 2311 Intermediate French I (3)
This course places continued emphasis on the speaking, reading, and writing aspects of the French language. Prerequisite: FREN 1412.

FREN 2312 Intermediate French II (3)
This is a continuation of FREN 2311 with emphasis on reading, writing, and oral proficiency. Prerequisite: FREN 2311.