The English Department seeks to:

  • Develop the language skills and knowledge of literature expected of all liberally-educated students
  • Prepare English majors and minors for graduate study, positions in the elementary and secondary schools, or other careers in the private and public sectors.

We offer three programs of study:

  • A major or minor in English
  • An English major or minor for secondary level certification
  • A 4-8th grade English Reading and Language Arts certification in conjunction with the Early Childhood through 6th grade BSE.

B.A. in English:  General Track or Writing Track
For the B.A. in English, students may select a general major in English, or they can follow the Writing track.
* Writing track courses include Creative Writing, Technical Communications, and Creative Non-fiction.

Minor in English
The English minor enables students to study 18-24 hours of coursework within the English department, either leading to a minor in English for the B.A. or a minor in English for Secondary Level Certification, Plan II, on the B.S.E. Following the first required nine hours of English in the minor, students may select the remaining nine hours from any area within the English course curriculum. Students who minor in English are able to bring a unique level of communication skills to any field in which they choose to work.

Minor in Writing
The Writing minor enables students to study 18 hours of coursework in writing. In addition to the required six hours of writing coursework during the Freshman year, students can select from writing courses across the disciplines. Students who minor in Writing are able to bring a unique level of communication skills to any field in which they choose to work.

Courses offered include:

  • Freshman composition courses taught in state-of-the-art computer classrooms
  • Sophomore surveys of American, British, and World Literature
  • A variety of junior and senior-level electives in Literature and Language
  • Special Topics courses in Literary Genres, Periods, Themes, and Authors
  • Honors Research Opportunities
  • Shakespeare
  • Linguistics
  • Advanced Composition
  • Advanced Technical Communication
  • Creative Writing
  • Adolescent Literature
  • Cinema Studies
  • Ancient World Literature
  • Medieval and Renaissance Literature
  • African-American Literature




Director of Writing

Jeanna_profile.jpgDr. Jeanna White


Chair of Languages & Literature

Splawn_profile_2.jpgDr. David Splawn


Department of Languages and Literature
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