Texas Common Course Numbering (TCCN)

The Texas Common Course Numbering System is a voluntary cooperation among colleges and universities throughout the state whose purpose is to:

  • assist students in identifying which courses at one college will meet specific course requirements at another college;
  • assist college personnel in identifying courses with comparable content so that certain competencies can be expected upon completion of such courses.
  • promote the successful transfer of course work among colleges and universities in Texas, making the transfer process easier for students.

ETBU publishes a list of TCCN courses and equivalencies in the back of the University catalog; however, this is not a comprehensive list. To transfer courses to ETBU which are not identified as belonging to the TCCN, students enrolled at ETBU must complete the
Permission for Course Transfer Procedure.


The common course number has a standard four-letter prefix followed by a four-digit number:

The four-letter prefix identifies the subject area.
For example, ENGL is the prefix for English courses, while MATH is the prefix for mathematics courses.
The four-digit number gives additional information about the course.
The first digit identifies the course as freshman (1) or sophomore (2) level.
The second digit identifies credit hours earned upon successful completion of the course.
The last two digits in the sequence establish the sequence in which courses are generally taken (i.e. ENGL 1301 is to be taken before ENGL 1302).