Pillars of Free Market Theory

  • The United States Constitution is based on Life, Liberty and Property
  • God provides man with freewill and self-interest
  • Individual self-interest is the basis of all market influence
  • Markets work naturally by the “Invisible Hand”
  • Free markets reward the entrepreneur for innovation and hard work
  • Free markets provide spontaneous order to all economic factors
  • Free markets provide absolute control by the consumer on demand and thereby supply
  • Free markets require respect for ownership of, control of, defense of, exchange of, and disposal of private property
  • Maximum societal benefits come from individuals’ efforts to achieve their own goals with minimal governmental interference
…what is being taught in the universities today will determine national economic policy ten years from now.
– Alan Greenspan
Tyranny is the political corollary of socialism, as representative government is the political corollary of the market economy.
– Ludwig von Mises
In democratic societies…private enterprise cannot be maintained without public understanding and support.
– Association of Private Enterprise Education