Study Abroad Opportunities

Travel Study

We offer courses taught by ETBU professors in several other countries during the May. Courses vary yearly but destinations include Ecuador, Israel, Ethiopia, China, among others. And the cost is comparable to staying on campus!


Semester Abroad

Would you like to spend an entire semester studying in another country? Such an adventure is sure to be your BEST SEMESTER ever! Choose between programs in Costa Rica, Jerusalem, China, Australia, Uganda, England, or Poland. Your financial aid still applies and all course credit automatically transfers.

International Internships

Want to gain experience in your field - in a global setting? Would you like to minister to people in another country while you learn? Want to expand your professional network to be worldwide? How about an unforgettable, life-changing Summer adventure?


Foreign Language Study

You can learn Chinese, Spanish, French - right here on the ETBU campus. Every semester we offer a Chinese tailored for the students. Then, practice your language skills with native speakers in their native habitats.

Apply for a Passport

Every ETBU student, teacher, staff member, trustee, and alum should have a valid passport. You must be ready to take advantage of the great international opportunities available for study, ministry, and adventure. Come by the International Office on the 3rd floor of Marshall Hall and we will help you with the necessary paper work to get your Passport.


Develop a New Travel/Study Course

Teachers, have you ever thought about taking a group of students to study in another country? It's a great experience for you and your students. The Office of International Education is here to help! You design the course and recruit the students; we do the rest.