Music and Worship in Ministry Major

Semester by Semester Plans

The world and work of church music is diverse and rapidly changing, and we strive to provide students the opportunity to broaden their experiences in preparation for this field. The Music and Worship in Ministry major is a curriculum designed to provide a wide range of opportunities to students who seek to use their music skills to minister to others, primarily through traditional music leadership roles in the church but through less traditional performance-based ministry opportunities available to ministry-minded musicians.


The curriculum provides an historical foundation of church music and helps the student develop personal philosophical approaches to scripturally-based ministry and worship practices. In addition to basic musicianship skills common to all music majors, Music and Worship in Ministry students are challenged to 1) develop skills is directing music ensembles of all ages and types found in most churches, 2) understand and respond to God's call to ministry in their personal lives, and 3) gain experience working in music ministry leadership positions during, and as a part of, their course of study at ETBU.

Since many young students seeking opportunities to respond to God's call to ministry are unsure how that call will materialize into long-term vocational plans, students are encouraged to pursue the Music and Worship in Ministry major. They are assigned faculty advisors who can mentor them, inform them of the professional opportunities that are available to them, and guide them through this decision-making process.

General Education Requirements[30]
      English 1301, 1302 plus 3 hours sophomore literature [9]
      Religion 1320 and 1330 [6]
      History [3]
      Physical Activity (KINE 1238) [2]
      Science (must be a 4 hour lab science) [4]
      Mathematics 1300, 1342, 1314, 1316, 2301 or 2313 [3]
      Speech 1311 [3]
Major Area of Study[78]
  Basic Musicianship[32]

      MUSI 1000 Recital (six (6) semesters required) [0]
      MUSI 1116, 1117 Elementary Ear Training I, II [2]
      MUSI 1311, 1312 Elementary Harmony I, II [6]
      MUSI 2116, 2117 Advanced Ear Training I, II [2]
      MUSI 2312 Advanced Harmony [3]
      MUSI 3201 Conducting [2]
      MUSI 3203 20th Century Analytical Techniques [2]
      MUSI 3212 Scoring and Arranging [2]
      MUSI 3213 Introduction to Music [2]
      MUSI 3303 Form and Analysis [3]
      MUSI 4301, 4302 Music History I, II [6]
      One of the following: [2]
      MUSI 3209 Choral Conducting and Literature
      MUSI 3207 Instrumental Conducting and Literature
   Applied Study/Performance[22]
      Applied Concentration (twelve (12) semester hours) [12]
      Secondary Performance Study (three (3) semester hours) [3]
      Music Laboratory (performance ensembles for seven (7) semesters) [7]
      Junior Recital (MUSI 3030, 3031, 3040 or 3051) [0]
   Music and Worship in Ministry Major Study[15]
      MUSI 2303 Planning Worship [3]
      MUSI 2304 Leading Worship [3]
      MUSI 3360 The Worship of God [3]
      MUSI 3361 Worship Music [3]
      MUSI 4150 Practicum in Music Ministry I [1]
      MUSI 4250 Practicum in Music Ministry II [2]
  Music Electives (to equal 78 semester hours in music)[9]
Electives/Additional hours
(to total 120 hours)[12]
      RLGN 4341 Church Administration (required)
      or MUSI 4205 Music Administration and Methods (required)
      LEAD 1111 Learning and Leading
Total: One-hundred twenty (120) Semester Hours

A complete description of Music Majors and Minors and course descriptions are available online in the current ETBU catalog.

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