Craig Bostick

Craig Bostick grew up North Louisiana listening to lots of rock, country, pop, or anything that came on the radio. As the 80's progressed, he started listening to more "guitar/rock" music. Bostick was interested in anything guitar, whether it be performance, recording, or even repair.

In the 90's Bostick played in various local bands and worked in music shops. This allowed him to meet and admire musicians from all genres and hone his knowledge of live sound, teaching, and recording. 

He had the chance to meet and play with some incredible musicians over the years! In 2001, Bostick built his personal recording studio "The Rock Shop" which has allowed him to record his own music as well as music for others.

Bostick and his family moved to the Hallsville/Longview area from West Monroe, LA in 2011. They love the community here in East Texas!

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