Types of Financial Aid: Loans

Loans are borrowed funds that are charged interest and must be repaid.  There are three categories of loans: federal (supported by the federal government), state(funded by the state), and private (issued by a bank or credit union).

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Federal Loans

To receive assistance from any of these loan programs the student must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). 



State Loans

The College Access Loan provides loan funding to students from Texas.  Students do not have to demonstrate financial need to receive CAL, but the cost of attendance is considered in determining loan limits.

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Private Loans

Private loans are obtained through a bank, credit union, or other independent lender.  You will need to work directly with the lender of your choice to apply for a private loan.

ETBU has partnered with ELM Select to give you the best options when deciding which student loan best fits your needs.  Click on the icon below to search, compare loan availability, and apply.


 Loan Disbursement

 Loan funds are generally disbursed to student accounts in equal amounts twice per loan period.  Most commonly the loan period consists of Fall and Spring semesters, therefore, one disbursement is made in the Fall and one in the Spring.

Once the tuition refund period has passed loans will be disbursed and the Business Office will issue any refunds due at that time to the student's TigerCard.  For more information on refunds click here.


Preventing Loan Default

ETBU is committed to helping students maintain financial responsibility during and after college. We believe that preventing loan default is a crucial step for each student's future.

There are several resources listed below to aid students in understanding loan repayment and practical ways they can avoid default. Please contact the Financial Aid Office for more information.

For more in-depth information from the federal government on loan default, please click here.