Types of Financial Aid: Gift Aid

There are two main types of Gift Aid: Scholarships and Grants.  Scholarships and grants are free financial aid that do not have to be repaid.  Scholarships are usually merit-based, whereas grants are typically need-based.

Below are opportunities for receiving gift aid. 







ETBU awards three different grants to students. 
To have your eligibility considered for any of the following grants you must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).


Federal Pell Grant

The Federal Pell Grant is awarded to undergraduate students who have not previously received a bachelor's degree and who meet eligibility requirements as determined using criteria from the FAFSA.  The Pell Grant will be included in your financial aid package if you qualify.  For more detailed information related to the Pell Grant, please click here.



The Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education (TEACH) Grant is available to students who are pursuing a degree in education.  The student must meet certain requirements upon graduation in order for this money to remain free and not become a loan.  The student must agree to serve as a teacher:

  • In a high need field
  • At an educational institution that serves students from low-income families
  • For a minimum of 4 academic years within 8 years of completing your course of study

For more specific information related to TEACH Grant requirements, please click here.


Texas Tuition Equalization Grant (TEG)

The Texas Tuition Equalization Grant is available to students who demonstrate financial need at not-for-profit colleges and universities in Texas.  To qualify for this grant, students must:

  • Meet the general requirements to receive financial aid
  • Show financial need
  • Be a legal Texas resident and/or the child of parents who are legal Texas residents
  • Be enrolled full-time (minimum 12 hours)
  • Be an undergraduate seeking a first bachelor's degree

For more information regarding the Texas Tuition Equalization Grant, >click here.