Tuition Exchange Guidelines

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  • Employee must have a minimum one year of full-time employment at ETBU before the official first day of class at the desired institution, and is based on continued employment each semester.
  • Student must maintain behavior that is consistent with ETBU standards.
  • To be considered for the TE program, the employee must notify the ETBU Financial Aid Office between September 1st and January 15th prior to the academic year in which applicant is applying.  Applicants will then be ranked according to the employee’s length of full-time employment at ETBU, which will determine the order of consideration for export.  After January 15th, students will be approved on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Each institution is required to maintain an approved import/export balance that is monitored by TE.  An institution that is out of balance will be placed on restriction, and no new exports may be processed (unless exported to a Co-op institution).  Therefore, a student may not qualify for the grant to attend another institution if ETBU is on restriction.
  • Dependent is defined as meeting the IRS criteria for dependent status.


  • Maintain a cumulative 2.00 GPA each semester at the importing institution.
  • Maximum of 4 years participation, yearly renewal required.

Other Policies

  • A maximum of one award will be allowed per employee-family, per year.  This would mean, for example, that if husband and wife are both employed full-time at ETBU, then only one of their children would be eligible for a grant per year unless there were slots available and the exception was approved by the President.
  • If the parent is no longer employed at ETBU (due to resignation, termination, or death) after the semester begins, eligibility shall continue for the recipient of the scholarship for that current semester.

Application Process

  • Apply for the scholarship to the ETBU Tuition Exchange Liaison (Director of Financial Aid) – form available online.
  • Furnish any information requested for application.
  • The applicant will be responsible for the annual student participation fee (approximately $50 per year).


Application /Renewal

  • Tuition Exchange scholarships are for undergraduate students only, and applicants must meet ETBU admission policies.
  • Tuition Exchange scholarships will ordinarily be granted beginning in March.
  • Applicants must file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as soon as possible after January 1st to be considered for any other aid including loans.  The scholarship award may include academic merit scholarships, state grants, but may not exceed the cost of tuition.  If the student is eligible, the Federal Pell Grant may be received to exceed the cost of tuition.
  • The scholarships may not be applied to special or study abroad programs as a part of undergraduate study except in the case where credit is awarded by East Texas Baptist University and tuition costs are not paid to another institution or entity.
  • Recipients must maintain 2.00 cumulative GPA checked on a semester basis.
  • Recipient must maintain behavior that is consistent with that ETBU standards.
  • Scholarship may be terminated if student fails to maintain GPA or behavior requirements.
  • Scholarship will be for a maximum of four years (8 semesters).

Other Conditions

Eligible for tuition only.


  • Appeals must be submitted in writing to the Vice President for Enrollment Management and Marketing, who offers recommendations to the President.  The President grants or refuses all exceptions.