Certificate in Ministry Student Testimonials

Glenda Clay,Co-Pastor
Will of God Family Ministries

To participate in the Certificate of Ministry program was one of the best decisions that I made for my spiritual and professional life. Courses were interesting, informative, challenging, and life changing. I especially enjoyed the pacing and the interaction with our teacher, Randy Babin. It was a comfortable atmosphere for people from all walks of life. As the first female graduate of the Certificate of Ministry program, it was especially meaningful to me. It helped me tremendously as I serve in the ministry with my husband, Alvin.
Courses offered piqued my interest in finding the truth and accepting the Bible as the inspired word of God. Many questions were answered and I was able to take a closer look at my belief system and make choices that would strengthen my walk with God. The success of any course of study centers on the integrity of the program and the integrity of the teacher. I can’t say enough about the quality of material covered and the quality and sincerity of our teacher, Randy. I would recommend this program to adults of all ages.


Doyle Hollis,Deacon
Mulberry Springs Baptist Church

I had the opportunity to attend and complete the Certificate in Ministry (CIM) courses taught thru East Texas Baptist University. I have taught an adult Sunday school class at Mulberry Springs Baptist Church for several years, even before taking these courses. My background is that I grew up reading and studying the Bible both individually and in group settings. I began taking a CIM course in the fall of 2008 just to take the course “Survey of the New Testament” not really considering completing the program. However, I found that from the beginning each course would enrich my ability to teach Sunday school and other Bible studies. Now looking back, I see how much I gained thru these courses and I am glad that I was able to receive the Certificate.

Also I would like to add that Randy Babin is an excellent teacher and advocate for this program.