The faculty of the East Texas Baptist University School of Christian Studies/Department of Religion welcomes all students into a community of learning, rigorous scholarship, academic freedom, ministry, and service. The primary goal of the School of Christian Studies/Department of Religion is to prepare individuals for various Christian ministries. It is a school and a department whose mission is Christian by tradition and Baptist by heritage.

As a fully integrated part of East Texas Baptist University, the School of Christian Studies maintains a clear identification with and loyalty to the Christian faith and functions within the context of historic Baptist values and principles. The school is fortunate to be blessed with a strong and dedicated faculty characterized by excellent academic preparation, deep personal faith, and commitment to the total development of each student. 

As part of the historic and long-standing service to the foundational liberal arts curriculum of East Texas Baptist University, the faculty seeks to lead students to a mature understanding of the Bible and the development of a Christian worldview. Through teaching, mentoring, and advising, students will be given the opportunity to gain a basic knowledge of God's word, to reflect upon its theology, and to apply it personally and professionally.

The faculty of the School of Christian Studies/Department of Religion is also committed to equipping students who are preparing for vocational and dual vocational ministries. The faculty seeks to encourage and to challenge--both spiritually and academically--those students who have responded to the divine call into Christian ministry; to prepare students for additional graduate studies; and to equip students to serve as pastors, youth ministers, education ministers, missionaries, professors, and other positions of Christian leadership, by providing a foundation of high quality academic training and practical ministry opportunities. Students will be given the opportunity to develop their skills in biblical interpretation, to display analytical and reflective thought, and to integrate a Christian worldview into their life and ministry.

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For further information, please contact

 John L. Harris, Ph.D.

Dean of the School of Christian Studies
Chair of the Department of Religion
Office Phone: 903.923.2180