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  • 33 course hours
  • 8-week courses
  • Online courses
  • 16-month program
  • Designed for working professionals or traditional students
  •  4+1 Undergraduate to Graduate program (Applicable for current ETBU Undergraduate Business students)
  • Local business professionals serve as mentors for MBA students
  • Accreditation is through the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC)


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First Semester (Fall)

MBAE 5301 Entrepreneurial Leadership (8 Weeks)
This course is a study of leadership principles and their application in business organizations. Students will explore leadership as a process involving leaders, followers and the situation. Particular emphasis will be placed on developing an entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial mindset.
MBAE 5302 Economics and the Free Market (8 Weeks)
The study of economic thought and action as it influences individual and market behavior. Included in the course is a study of how markets determine what is produced and what is allocated, analytical approaches to economic data for decision making, and a study of the impact on producers and consumers that monetary and fiscal policies play.

Second Semester (Spring)

MBAE 5303 Marketing Concepts and Strategies (8 Weeks)
This course focuses on the strategic development of new products in entrepreneurial and intrepreneurial ventures. Specifically, this will include idea generation and screening, business and environmental analysis, product development, test marketing, and commercialization from the perspective of the entrepreneur. These concepts will all be brought together by the students as they develop a strategic marketing plan with a recommended implementation.
MBAE 5304 Social Media Information Systems (8 Weeks)
This course utilizes social media and mobile technology as part of a business plan for modern companies. Emphasis will be placed on mobile application development, business page development on Facebook (or similar social network), business use of Twitter, web site development, and e-commerce.
MBAE 5312 Business Research and Decision Making (8 Weeks)
This course uses research tools, employs research concepts and techniques to enable leaders to make informed decisions. Students will locate data sources, gather primary and secondary data, perform analysis using appropriate statistical techniques to effectively interpret and solve specific business problems. The focus is on essential tools for the investigation of business phenomena where chance variation is a factor. Use of statistical software such as SPSS, Minitab, or Excel is included.

Third Semester (Summer)

MBAE 5306 Managerial Accounting (8 Weeks)
This course will enable students to use accounting applications as they relate to the corporate form of business. A special emphasis will be placed on the entrepreneurial/managerial role in accounting applications.
MBAE 5307 Financial Concepts and Processes (8 Weeks)
This course is designed for the student planning an entrepreneurial career rather than embarking upon a career in finance. The course will develop skills necessary to evaluate opportunities and manage resources. Financial tools and applications will be developed for evaluating new projects and products. Emphasis will be placed on stock and bond valuation, capital budgeting, cost of capital, company valuation and efficient markets.
MBAE 5313 Leading and Managing Change (8 Weeks)
This course develops the skills needed for leading change. In this course, students will analyze the forces that drive organizations to change, examine impediments to change, and survey a range of approaches for making organizational change more effective. The principle objective of this course is to develop an understanding of change processes and provide students with practical skills for managing and leading change.

Fourth Semester (Fall)

MBAE 5309 Strategic Human Resource Management (8 Weeks)
This course is a study of human resources management from a theoretical and practical view. Students will learn the essential HR functions, including legal requirements, recruiting, developing, and retaining human resources. Students will apply that knowledge in specific ways by creating original job descriptions, a staffing plan, and a compensation strategy for use in an entrepreneurial setting.
MBAE 5310 Strategic Management (8 Weeks)
This course is the capstone of the MBA program and incorporates all concepts taught in the curriculum. The course includes a study of strategies that successful businesses have employed and the methodology used for sound decision making. Research methodology incorporates the use of specific analysis of markets, industry competitive analysis, SWOT, financial analysis, etc. in order to evaluate the effectiveness of leadership decision making.
MBAE 5311 Formulating and Implementing Strategy (8 Weeks)
This course will combine knowledge gained from previous courses pertaining to the management of small business. There will be in-depth coverage of selected topics in leadership, economics, finance, human resources, business research, and marketing. Students will gain firsthand awareness of the management skills, knowledge, and behaviors employed by successful entrepreneurial leaders through in-depth discussions with practicing entrepreneurs and investors. Students will have the option of building a business plan for a proposed business venture conducted under the supervision of the instructor.