Get Ready!

 The emphasis here is what we do in the classroom; using textbooks, analyzing case studies from businesses, interacting with business people speaking in classes, researching current issues in business, and various other techniques.

Get Set!

 The emphasis here is providing experience where we help the students make the connection between the classroom and the real work world. This is done through an internship where a business agrees to mentor a student in their particular business, providing them with real-world experience. This allows the student to observe a business first-hand over a semester (10-20 hours a week) or summer and learn from professionals while having the opportunity to practice what they have learned and prepare them for their career employment.


 With their Education and Experience, our ETBU Business students are preared and ready for Employment. And as they go, they know the School of Business faculty are always here to enjoy hearing about their successes and also serve as a resource as they progress in their career. 

Click on the links below to view internships or employment opportunities that previous students have been able to experience through the Fred Hale School of Business: