The School of Business seeks to prepare undergraduate students for careers in business and nonprofit organizations and to provide students with the academic preparation necessary to undertake study in various graduate and professional degree programs. The department strives to instill Christian values in its students and to develop individuals who are committed to the ethical standards in business fostered by the Christian faith. Students completing the undergraduate business degree programs offered by the School of Business should:
1.    Possess a working knowledge of core business subjects.
2.    Be prepared to pursue employment opportunities or graduate studies in business.
3.    Be able to apply Christian values in their vocational and personal lives.

Business is a highly diversified field requiring general liberal arts education for a lifetime of opportunities and changes. This degree provides a broad-base of knowledge allowing students to gain
a better working knowledge of the world around them.

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting

Bachelor of Business Administration in Management

Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing