College Green Payment Plans

A COLLEGE GREEN payment plan is a deferred payment option that allows you to break up your tuition and fee expenses into smaller installment payments.  This allows you to have some flexibility in choosing your payment amount and payment dates.  Enrolling allows you to setup reoccurring payments that will automatically charge your debit or credit card.

To enroll in a payment plan, you will need to use your secure login in CampusConnect to begin the process.   For more information on CampusConnect, please access the Registrar Office's Campus Connect page found at  Once you have logged into CampusConnect, follow the steps below to access the Pay Now option.

  1. Click on the Account Info option at the top of the page
  2. Click on Review Account
  3. Select the semester you are enrolled in and would like to make a payment for and choose Display Balance
  4. Click the blue "Payment Plan" button located at the bottom of your account statement

Follow the instructions on the Payment Plan page to setup your payment plan and make your payment.

If you have already enrolled in a payment plan, you can manage your plan through the following web page -  Remember you can only access this page once you have enrolled in a payment plan.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the Payment Plan option

Will I pay interest for participating in a payment plan?

No, it is an interest free installment loan offered to you by our school.

What are the fees for using a payment plan?

There is a nonrefundable enrollment fee for participating in a payment plan.  Other fees that may be applicable are payments that are returned due to insufficient funds, declined payments, payment method change fee, or a fee for paying the entire balance of your plan early.

When I choose my plan, where does the "amount you owe" come from?

The amount you owe is the "Estimated Balance Due" listed on your Account Statement with the University.  If you have added or dropped a class recently, this would affect the balance due.  Check with the East Texas Baptist University Business Office if you feel the estimated balance due on your Account Statement is not correct.

Can I adjust the amount I owe when choosing a payment plan?

Yes, you have the option to review the amount you owe.  However, you are responsible for making sure your student account balance is paid according to the University's guidelines. 

When your University allows you to defer payments, they have guidelines that you must meet in order to pay your account balance in full.

How do I accept the Agreements associated with a payment plan?

You must scroll down to the bottom of the agreements in order to accept them and proceed to the next step.  You can download the Agreements if you choose to do so by selecting "Download" in the top of the agreement documents.  In addition, the agreements will be emailed to you.  Agreements can also be viewed by accessing your user profile in our College Green payment plan website. 

Why do I have to create a username and password?

This creates a user profile with College Green and allows you to access your account at your convenience without going through your college student portal (CampusConnect).  We recommend you bookmark our web address during enrollment so you can use our secure login process to access your account.

What happens if my card declines?

Your payment will not be processed.  The card that is used for making payments must have the same billing information that you entered into our online payment system.  This includes the billing zip code.  Other reasons for declines include card information on file that occurs due to a new expiration date or new security code (CVV).

If the declined payment is for a regularly scheduled payment, we will attempt to collect the payment again in 5 business days.

If the decline is due to insufficient funds for the enrollment fee, you will need to choose a different credit/debit card with sufficient funds available on your card or select a card with a higher daily limit.

If the decline is due to an invalid expiration date of CVV code, you will need to update your profile with the new card information.

What happens if I drop or add a class?

If you are an undergraduate student, your amount owed will only be affected if you drop below full-time status (12 or more hours).  Students enrolled in 1 - 11 hours are charged an hourly rate.  If you remain enrolled in 12 or more hours after dropping a course, your amount due will not be affected. 

If you are a graduate student, your amount owed will be affected with any change in schedule.

This will affect the amount owed to your University. 

Other events that can change the amount you owe include residence hall and meal plan changes.  The balance due in your student record is updated by the University.  Should you have any questions regarding the amount owed or your charges, you should contact the East Texas Baptist University Business Office directly.  If the amount you owe changes after you have enrolled in a payment plan, you would need to access your College Green payment plan and accept the new payment amount and updated disclosures.  College Green will continue to collect the prior agreed upon payment schedule until you have accepted the revised payment amount.

Why do I have to input my email address?

You can choose the email address that you prefer to receive communications from College Green.  We will use this for payment confirmations and payment reminder notifications.  Your email address will not be used for marketing or solicitation purposes.

Will I receive a receipt for the payment?

Yes, you will receive an email confirmation as soon as your payment has been processed.  Your receipt will include a link that you should have to your favorites.  This will allow you to manage your payment plan without going through CampusConnect.

How long will it take for my payment to post to my student account with my University?

Your payment will be applied to your student account on the day of the scheduled payment.  If your payment is declined by your Credit Card Company or Financial Institution at a later time, your balance will be revised.

How do I cancel a payment plan if I no longer need it?

After you login to your account you would select "Payment Plans" from the toolbar.  Select "More Details" for the plan you want to cancel.  Use caution before proceeding if you have more than one active payment plan.  Select "Cancel Plan" once plan details has displayed.  Please note that cancelling your plan does not release you from your financial obligation to East Texas Baptist University.

Who should I contact if I have questions?

For questions regarding your financial aid award, contact the Financial Aid Office at 903-923-2138 or

For questions regarding your tuition balance or amount due, contact the Business Office at 903-923-2055 or

For questions regarding declined payments, contact Financial Payments at 844-743-5229 or