Payment Deadlines, Information, and Options

Payment Deadlines

Registered students:  All charges for the semester are due and payable by the deadline date indicated in the academic catalog.  If payment is not received in the Business Office by the appropriate date, the registration may be revoked and the student could possibly have to register again. 

All other students:  All charges for the semester are due and payable at registration. 

Payment deadlines are posted in the Academic Calendar for each term.  For the Fall term, the deadline is July 31.  For the Spring term, the deadline is December 28.  You can find the payment deadlines for all terms by reviewing the Academic Calendar. 

After making a payment, you can see if you have "cleared" the Business by logging into CampusConnect and reviewing the Demographic Information section of the CampusConnect dashboard.  A "Y" in the "Cleared" field means that the Business Office has received the necessary payment.  If the field is blank, the Business Office has not received your payment.  Please contact the Business Office is you have any questions regarding your "cleared" status. 

Payment Information and Options

East Texas Baptist University has several options available for paying on your student account.  Payments can be made by one of the methods below:

  • PAY NOW - make one-time payments.  Pay Now is an online payment system that allows students to make secure payments at any time using your debit and/or credit card.  For more information about Pay Now, please go to Pay Now.

  • COLLEGE GREEN PAYMENT PLAN - enroll in a payment plan for deferred payments.  A College Green Payment Plan gives you the flexibility to choose your payment dates and frequency of online payments.  For more information about the College Green Payment Plan, please go to Payment Plans.

    If you have already enrolled in a payment plan, you can manage that plan by going to Manage Your Plan.  Remember you have to be enrolled in a payment plan to access this site. 

  • E-PAY - make one-time payments for non-student transactions.  This site it mainly used for making online payments for special events.  If you are making a payment toward your student account (tuition, fees, room, and board), please use the Pay Now feature.  However if you cannot access the Pay Now site through CampusConnect, please use E-Pay.  For more information about E-Pay, please go to E-Pay.

  • If one of the above methods is not convenient, students can always make payments in person at the Business Office located in Marshall Hall, 3rd floor, Room 304.