Over the years the Loyalty Fund and Annual Fund has proven to be an effective means for our former students, Faculty, Staff, and Friends to express their appreciation for ETBU and to be a part of the continuing task of equipping others for effective living and ministry.  Those two funds are combining to become the BLUE AND GOLD FUND. 

As we pursue our Blue and Gold Fund goal, we are again demonstrating that great ETBU spirit that has enabled us to provide the "Extra" and "Essentials" for the current ETBU family.

Blue and Gold Fund gifts are used to meet the University's most pressing needs, including supporting student events, scholarship assistance, essential resources, material and technology central for our distinctive mission. 


  • Ways everyone benefits:The funding of scholarship for many of our new students.

  • The improvement of national foundation funding as a result of the expanded alumni giving percentage.  (The number of participants is as important as the amount given.)

  • Assisting your class as alums in becoming one of the top supporters of the university.

  • The sense of fulfillment that comes from taking your place in the continuum of care-givers and becoming part of our great legacy to future generations.

Give now to the Blue and Gold Fund!