Meet the Director

Dr. Zachary Beck

Beck_photoThe Honors Program at ETBU helps students pursue the intellectual life, framed by the Christian virtues of faith, hope, and love. It is my great privilege to be a member of this community and to facilitate the students’ development into thoughtful scholars.

I was a student in the Honors College at the University of Florida, where I received my Bachelor’s degree (English—summa cum laude and political science—cum laude) and Master’s degree (English). I am an alum of the Christian Study Center of Gainesville, an organization that pursues meaningful, intellectual dialogue between faithful, orthodox Christianity and secular higher learning. I received my PhD in English from Baylor University. For two years during my doctoral program, I was the Resident Tutor of Arts and Letters at Baylor’s Brooks College; my wife and I lived in the college, taking part in its vibrant community. The Lord has used these and many other experiences to prepare me for this role, into which I step with great joy.

For further information about the Honors Program, I invite you to contact me. My phone number is 903-923-2267, and my email address is If you are on campus, please visit me in Scarborough Hall 406.