CLEP Exams


There are currently 34 different CLEP tests on a variety of subjects in the fields of business, composition and literature, foreign languages, history and social sciences, science and mathematics. A passing score on any of these tests can allow you to receive college level credit at more than 2,900 colleges and universities in the United States. You should check with the Office of Academic Success and Graduate Services in Suite 301 of Marshall Hall (903-923-2076) for ETBU's exact requirements and participation in this program. This program can actually allow you to get college credit without taking the course. See this website for more information: 

Testing Calendar

CLEP examinations are offered by appointment only.
To register for an appointment, contact the Office of Academic Success and Graduate Services at (903) 923-2076.


$80 (July 1, 2012) per exam paid to CLEP by credit card (preferred) or check.
$20 non-refundable service charge to ETBU (cash or check).


3rd  Floor Marshall Hall, Room 301 – Office of Academic Success and Graduate Services. Click here for the Campus Map. 

Identification Requirements 

Each candidate must present two forms of identification. The primary identification must be a government issued photo ID that includes the examinee’s name, signature and current photograph. Acceptable forms of primary identification include:

  • A current driver’s license
  • A current state or federal identification card
  • A current passport
  • A tribal identification card
  • A naturalization card or certificate of citizenship

    The secondary identification must include either a photograph or signature. Acceptable forms of secondary identification include:

  • A current employee identification
  • A current student identification
  • A Social Security card
  • A military identification card
  • An unused identification from the primary choices listed above

    Additional Information

  • Cellular telephones, beepers, cameras, all photographic, communication, computer and electronic devices are strictly prohibited in the testing room.
  • Food, drinks, gum and candy are not permitted in the testing room.

    CLEP EXAMS ACCEPTED BY ETBU-Effective 6-1-2010

    Title of TestMinimum ScoreCourse credit forCredit Hours
    American Government 50 Political Science 2301 3
    History of the United States I 50 History 1301 3
    History of the United States II 50 History 1302 3
    American Literature 50 English 2326 3
    Biology 50 Biology 1406, 1407 8
    Chemistry 50 Chemistry 1311, 1312 6
    College Algebra 50 Mathematics 1314 3
    College Composition (with essays) 50 English 1301 3
    English Literature 50 English 2321 3
    Financial Accounting 50 Accounting 2301 3
    Introductory Psychology 50 Psychology 2301 3
    Calculus 50 Mathematics 2401 4
    Western Civilization I 50 History 2321 3
    Western Civilization II 50 History 2322 3
    Introductory Sociology 50 Sociology 1301 3
    Spanish Language 50 Span 1411, 1412 8
    Spanish Language 63 Span 1411,1412,2311 11
    Sanish Language 73 Span 1411,1412,2311,2312 14
    French Language 50 Fren 1411,1412 8
    French Language 59 Fren 1411,1412,2311 11
    French Language 73 Fren 1411,1412,2311,2312 14
    Financial Accounting Micro 50 Acct 2301 3
    Principles of Macroeconomics 50 Econ 2301 3
    Principles of Economics 50 Econ 2302 3