Student Success Resources

This University of Chicago website provides links to a large number of websites created by a variety of universities. It provides students with assistance on a variety of subjects. Click on this link and select from a variety of subjects

There are over 30 student success videos available through your etbu intranet login that can assist you with a variety of study skills and college adjustment skills.

If you need counseling assistance with personal problems, please contact student services at ext. 2320

Time Management

  • Set a weekly schedule for yourself before the first day of class each semester. weeklytemplate.pdf
    • First, schedule your "Must Do"- class; work; practices/rehearsals
    • Second, plug in your "Need To"- study (be specific as to when you study for each class); eat; sleep
    • Last, look at your open time and that is where your "Get To" goes. (i.e. X-Box; Facebook; naps)
  • Map out your tests/papers/projects for the semester on your calendar in your phone or a planner.
    • Set deadlines for yourself for large papers or projects if your instructor does not set them for you (i.e. when you will have research done; outline; rough draft; etc.)
    • Begin studying for your next test at least a week before the test, make it manageable
  • Make a to-do-list for week by week.
    • Each Friday, look at what is due for your next 7 class days
    • Make your to-do-list for the assignments or test prep and prioritize your tasks 

Good Study Habits

  • Organize- schedule and class materials
  • Prepare- do the assigned reading or activity before your class session
  • Engage- actively listen in class; take notes; ask questions; participate in discussion
  • Review- look over your lecture notes within 24 hours from when you took them
  • Identify an appropriate study environment and study time.
  • Use mnemonic devices.
  • Summarize class and textbook notes.
  • Use context clues and word analysis to define unfamiliar words.
  • Use index cards for vocabulary, formulas, or concepts.
  • Study over a period of time rather than cramming.

Test Prep Strategies

  • Create a study schedule as soon as a test is scheduled.
  • Go to ACE before you are struggling.
  • Find out the format of the test (i.e. essay or multiple choice).
  • Write a list of questions you think might be asked on the test.
  • Form a study group to study with several days prior to test.
  • Attend a “Power Hour” if ACE is hosting one for your class.
  • Make a list of questions from notes and reading assignments that still don’t make sense and ask your professor for additional clarification.
  • Get a good night sleep the night before and eat a healthy meal before the test.

Test Taking Strategies

  • Read and follow all directions.
  • Skim through the entire test before writing a word.
  • Answer the easiest questions first.
  • Know your time limit.
  • Spend more time on the part that counts the most points.
  • Read the questions carefully.
  • Answer every question if there is no penalty for guessing.
  • Ask for clarification, if permitted.
  • Go back and check your answers, there is no prize for finishing first.
  • Watch for words that may change the meaning of the question such as not, either/or, and always.
  • Answer the written or essay questions neatly.