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The ETBU Presidential Search Committee is pleased to announce the selection of AGB Search to assist the Committee with conducting a national search to identify candidates for the next President of East Texas Baptist University. AGB Search focuses exclusively on higher education leadership, conducting searches on behalf of colleges, universities, systems, and related foundations across the country. Dr. Paul R. Corts, former President of the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities ( ), will be the AGB Search lead consultant bringing his considerable experience and success to assist in the search.

The Search Committee intends to post periodic updates to this site to keep the campus community, alumni, friends, and supporters informed about the process. In a search for a new president, it is very important to protect the identify of those highly qualified professionals who allow their credentials to be examined in the search process, so we will not be able to post specific information about candidates. We will be posting general information about the progress being made in the search process. We ask that you respect the high degree of confidentiality needed to allow us to secure the best candidates and know that all those involved in the search process are committed to maintain strict confidentiality.

The ETBU Presidential Profile that provides appropriate information for those who would like to apply or make nominations is available here and on the AGB Search web site ( ).

The Search Committee will be following a general timeline that is designed to have the search completed before December 31, 2014, and the appointment of the new President to be effective no later than June 1, 2015. This will allow the new President and the campus community to have ample time for a smooth and effective transition.

Update #9 March 17, 2015:

The past six weeks we have selected several candidates that have been invited to meet with the search committee. Details here.

Update #8 February 4, 2015:

The Search Committee met in January with the new organization and Hal Cornish serving as the chair.  The Committee continued to assess a small group of candidates. Details here.

Update #7 January 5, 2014:

The Search Committee continued to meet and work through the December semester break and Christmas-New Year’s holidays.  The ETBU Bylaws provide for the position of Chairman of the Board of Trustees to also serve as the Chairman of the Presidential Search Committee. Details here.

Update #6 December 4, 2014:

The Search Committee continued to make progress in our search for our next president during November but as the Thanksgiving holidays approached, we realized the committee would have to take a break in our search process beginning with the Thanksgiving holiday. Details here.

Update #5 November 4, 2014:

The committee has narrowed the pool of candidates to a small group that we believe are qualified and capable to be president.  Details here.


Update #4 October 2, 2014:

The September 15 deadline for application to receive "most favorable consideration" has now passed.  The committee is grateful for the large number of people who responded. Details here.


Update #3 September 8, 2014:

The Search Committee is please to report that the search continues to progress well and at this time remains on schedule with the progression of the search process. Details here.

UPDATE #2 July 25, 2014:

The Search Committee is please to report that the search has been successfully launched and we have begun receiving applications and nominations.  Details here.

UPDATE #1-July 3, 2014:

The Presidential Search Committee is pleased to report that we have completed the early pre-search activities and have now officially launched the search. Details here.