ETBU ID Policy

My Tiger Card MasterCard Debit Student ID Card

  1. Purpose
    To offer a more user-friendly environment for students, faculty, and staff by providing a high quality, single card system that allows efficient access to all card-related services throughout ETBU and to seek new and expanded uses of the card through improved, advanced technology.
  2. Scope
    The policy has a college-wide applicability.
  3. Definition(s)
    Terms are defined as needed within this document.
  4. Procedure(s)
    The Tiger Card is the official ETBU picture ID card. In addition to identifying the relationship with ETBU, the card provides access to campus events and activities, residence halls/other buildings, meal plans, and the library. Meal plans may only be used via the ID card or cash must be used to purchase a meal.
    1. Who qualifies for a card?
      1. Student
      2. Faculty & Staff
        Permanent employees of ETBU, defined as receiving benefits, are entitled to a free Tiger Card as a condition of their employment.
      3. Retirees
        Any individual who is an official retiree of ETBU is entitled to a free ID card as a courtesy of past employment.
      4. College Board
      5. Alumni
    2. Expiration of MY TigerCard
      ID Cards are valid while cardholder still has an active status with the College.
    3. Policy on ID Picture taking
      For ID card pictures ETBU requires individuals to remove any items not worn as part of their daily appearance (i.e. prescription eyeglasses). The only exceptions are items worn for cultural and religious reasons. All bandanas, hats, sunglasses and/or visors, etc. are to be removed before picture is taken.
    4. Card Fee Structure:
      1. Student's First Card
        The cost of the Tiger Card is free for all students.
      2. Students Replacement Cards
        A $20 charge will be placed on the student’s college account when a replacement  ID card is issued. If payment is not received by due date, student records are sealed by the Business Office. All payments must be submitted to the Business Office.
      3. Faculty/Staff/Others
        A replacement card for Faculty and Staff costs $20.
    5. Responsibilities as a Cardholder
      1. Deactivating or Reinstating your Tiger Card
        Faculty/Staff, Students, and other college cardholders do not have to surrender their cards upon discontinuing their employment/association with ETBU. We have an automatic privilege assignment/removal process to enable or disable the ID card. If the card has the banking option, disabling the card would not deactivate the banking feature of the card.
      2. Reporting a Lost/Stolen Card
        To report a lost or stolen card, please call 1-866-348-3435, 24 hours a day. The College provides replacement service of ID cards during operational hours (8 AM - 4:30 PM, M - F). The cards can be replaced at the ID Card office. If the ID card is also an ATM card, the individual will be asked their social security number and birth date for verification purposes before the card is canceled.
    6. Information Sources
      Website address: