Campus Services

The Mailing Address for Students is:

Student’s Name:____________________
One Tiger Drive
ETBU Box 6-____________
Marshall, TX  75670-1498
Each student has a unique box number. Please make sure you include this box number on any mail.

When will I get my mail box key?
You will receive your key when you arrive on campus.
What if my mail doesn’t fit in my box?
We are able to receive and process all your incoming mail (USPS, UPS, FedEx, etc.) for you. This includes packages! We will hold any mail that does not fit in your box in the mailroom and put a slip in your box informing you to come get it!
What if I forgot to put my box number on my mail or I put the wrong box number?
Mail received without a box number or with the wrong box number in the address may take longer to process and deliver, but it will make its way to your box. To ensure timely delivery, make sure you write your box number!
Why do I need to write 6 as the first number of my box number?
Placing the 6 in front of your box number ensures that your mail gets from the downtown Marshall Post Office to our mail room.
What if I forget my key in my room or lose it?
Students must use their keys to receive their mail. It costs $5 to replace a lost key.
How do I send mail to another person on campus?
As long as your on campus mail will fit in the person’s box and you have their name and box number on it, you can place it in the campus mail box outside the mailroom.
Can I send outgoing mail from Campus Services?
Yes! Please see details below.

For USPS mail: We gladly sell stamps from our mail-room and the ETBU bookstore sells envelopes. However, if your package is over 13oz you must take it to the Post Office Downtown yourself.

For FedEx and UPS mail: You may bring outgoing packages to the mail-room if you have a prepaid label, and we will gladly send it out for you.

Click here for current USPS pricing:

For any other questions or concerns please feel free to contact:

Emilee Rummel
Director of Campus Services
903.923.2134  |