Residence Life Frequently Asked Questions

When and how do I register for housing each semester?
Each semeter is a little different. Each Spring we will have a housing selection process which you will go through in order to secure your housing for the following fall. To find out more information on this process, please see information under Living in Community. In November of each Fall, current housing information will be transfered over to the Spring semester. If you are interested in making changes to your housing or meal plan, "Housing and Meal Plan Change Request" forms will be available in Student Affairs, with your RD or online
What if I want to change rooms after classes begin?
Room changes are made as space is available. If you are interestd in making changes within your current residence hall, please contact your Resident Director. If you are interested in making changes to a different residence hall, you must contact the Director of Residence Life. In all cases, we recommend that you speak with your current roommates to inform them of your intentions.
Am I required to purchase a meal plan?
Yes. All students living on campus are required to have a meal plan. Depending on which hall you live in, a variety of meal plan choices will be available to you. Meal plan choices for 2014-2015 have not been finalized yet.
How can I decorate my room?
Be creative! The only stipulations we have are as follow: Command Strips, Sticky Tack and standard tacks are the only materials allowed to affix decorations to walls or woodwork. Room decorations must adhere to the policies of ETBU and not violate the dress code, display sexual content, express racial bigotry, and/or feature alcohol/drugs/tobacco/weapons. More information on room decorations can be found in the handbook.
Will my room be checked for cleanliness?
You will have monthly Health and Wellness Checks. The purpose of these is to check for maintenance issues, safety issues and overall cleanliness. Remember that you live in community and it is respectful to uphold the cleanliness of your space!
Will friends of the opposite gender be allowed to visit my room?
Absolutely! We encourage you to become friends with everyone on campus. We do, however, have specific times when visitation for the opposite gender is allowed. Visitation is from 6:00pm to 10:00pm for Linebery, Feagin and Fry, and 6:00pm-Midnight for Ornelas, Mabee and University Apartments. Students must bring their guest in and out through the main lobby of the residence hall and sign him/her in and out. For more information on policies regarding visitation, check out the ETBU Student Handbook and policies under "Living in Community."
Is there a curfew?
Will I be able to live on campus during the holidays?
Residence Halls will be closed during Thanksgiving, Christmas and Spring Break. However, if you are in need of staying in Marhsall for work or have extenuating circumstances, Residency Request Packets will be avilable to you a few weeks before each break. More information to come as we get closer to those break times.
May a guest spend the night in my room?
Yes, as long as that guest is the same gender as yourself and you have approval from your roommates and your Resident Director.
Are there any quiet hours in the residence halls?
Courtesy hours are 24/7 but we specifically implement Quiet hours form 10:00pm-8:00am.
May I have a pet on campus?
Only if your pet is a fish and can be kept in a tank smaller than 3 gallons. We do not allow other pets on campus for any reason.
Where can I find out what is going on in my residence hall?
We are known to overwhelm you with fliers, emails and other forms of social media so keep your eyes peeled! Even if you miss all of those ways, ask an RA what is coming up - we always have things going on.
What if I have a maintenance issue in my room?
Email your RD as soon as you realize something is wrong! We have a great Physical Facilities department who are always ready to fix anything.
What if I have special needs and require a handicapped room?
If you are an entering student, please mark that on your housing application. If you are a current student, please talk to the Director of Residence Life and we can work with you to find the best accommodation.
Are there Study Rooms available in the residence halls?
Each residence hall has a main lobby and this space can be used for community building, as well as for studying. Centennial Hall will be equipped with Study Rooms on each hall.
What do I need to do as I leave ETBU?
We will be so sad to see you go, but if you are graduating or planning on leaving ETBU, the best thing to do is tell your RD as soon as you know! Whether you are leaving mid-semester or at the end of the semester, you must follow check out procedures thoroughly. Please see more information under "Living in Community".
If there was damage done to my room, who will be charged?
You and/or your roommates will be charged for damage done to your room. The most important thing you can do is let your RD know when damage takes place so we can work with Physical Facilities to fix it. When you move in, you will fill out a Room Inventory Form. On this sheet you will mark down any damages that have previously occurred in your space. When you move out, a residence life staff member will work with you to fill out the form again and document any damages that have occurred since the time you have occupied that space.
What if my property is damaged or stolen in the residence hall?
Please contact your RA or RD immediately. Property loss forms are available with your Resident Director or online. Your RD will walk you through the rest of the process and contact Campus Security. If desired, you may also contact Marshall PD to file a report.