American Chemical Society

“ACS student chapters are organizations for undergraduate chemical science majors. Members participate in a wide range of programs and activities that enhance their college experience and prepare them for successful careers.” (ACS Student Chapter Webpage)

Our student chapter of the American Chemical Society (ACS) at ETBU has had the privilege of serving our community in various capacities.  More recently we’ve assisted in science fair judging at the middle school level and performed chemical demonstrations for elementary and middle school students.  During the school year we have the opportunity to attend monthly technical talks throughout the East Texas region as a part of the East Texas Section of the ACS.  Some of the more recent talks we’ve attended are:
“Archaeological Chemistry of Rock Paintings: Radiocarbon Dating and Chemical Analysis” by Dr. Ruth Ann Armitage in November at ETBU

“Environmental Forensics, or Who Was Responsible for the Spill?” by Dr. Paul Philip in October at Texarkana College

“Typical Superfund Site – Does the Chemist Have the Answers?” by Dr. Brenda Pitts Basile at LSUS

The talks are well liked by students and provide them with a chance to hear about aspects of chemistry not typically covered in a lecture course.   Moreover, the talks provide a professional atmosphere where students may meet with professionals in the chemical industry in the east Texas region. Any students are welcome to attend the talks, but science majors are particularly encouraged to attend. Information about upcoming talks will be posted on the ACS bulletin board in the Murphy Science building.

If you would like more information about the American Chemical Society, please contact

Dr. Kristin Butterworth


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