Travel Study

The Department of Biology and Chemistry offers exciting opportunities for students to participate in international travel-study courses.   Students who take these courses can earn three hours of academic credit.   The department sponsors trips to China and Ecuador during May terms.


Dr. Roy Darville led class trips to China during May 2007, 2009, 2011, and 2013.  The next three week travel-study course is scheduled for May 2015.  The three main cities visited are Hong Kong, Guangzhou, and Chengdu.  The course has three goals:  learning about Chinese environmental management including how the endangered giant panda is cared for, learning about the Chinese culture and language, and participating in mission activities.   For many students, working directly with the giant panda is the highlight of the trip.   

Please enjoy looking at pictures from the previous China trips:

China Trip 2013

China Trip 2011

China Trip 2009

China Trip 2007


Dr. Catherine Cone led the first trip to Ecuador in May 2013.  This trip focuses on the health care system in Ecuador, including participation in health fairs and touring medical facilities.  If you are interested in the medical field, this trip should be very interesting to you. The next trip to Ecuador is scheduled for May 2014.

Please enjoy looking at pictures from the 2013 Ecuador trip.