Spring 2014 Awards

The Student Research Forum for the School of Natural and Social Sciences was held Wednesday, April 23, 2014 at 10:00 a.m. in the Woods and Cornish Great Room in Ornelas Student Center. At the forum, there were poster presentations, each department in the School distributed Awards, and Michelle Ray spoke about her honors project. Below are the awards given to the Biology and Chemistry department students:

Biology - Michelle, Benjamin and Alyssa



Outstanding Freshman Biology Student - Benjamin Rhodes

Outstanding Senior Biology Student - Michelle Ray

Outstanding Life Science Student - Alyssa Romero





Biology - Ian and Michelle


Outstanding Freshman Chemistry Student - Ian Spencer

Outstanding Senior Chemistry Student - Michelle Ray







  Michelle and Dr. Darville


Overall Outstanding Student in the Department of Biolgoy and Chemistry - Michelle Ray








 Biology Poster Winners


Poster Presentation Winners: Taylor Davis, Michelle Ray, Valerie Smith, Folake Ishola, Megan Walker, Esther Jeong,  Michael Spencer, and Emily Bach Spencer.



 Esther with poster



Poster Presentations 2


Honors Project: 

An Honors Project is designed to allow students the opportunity to conduct advanced research in their chosen discipline. The Honors Project culminates in graduating "with distinction" and special recognition during graduation ceremonies. The project is a four-semester program of individual research directed by a faculty member in the student's academic major and supported by an Honors Project Committee. For more information about Honors Projects, please visit the Honors Project Web Page.


Michelle Ray PresentingMichelle Ray presenting her research titled: "Vehicle-Induced Mortality in Raccoons Procyon lotor". Michelle was a Biology and Chemistry Major and graduated in Spring 2014. She will be attending medical school at University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio.