Our graduates have gone on to serve in schools and churches across the country, graduate schools such as Harvard, Columbia, and Penn State, and as business leaders in a variety of fields, including oil and natural gas.  Take a moment to learn about the department from the people who know it best, our alumni.

dseals.jpgDonny Seals

B.A. Graduate, 1999, M.A. Baylor, 2001, Additional Graduate Work at the University of Mississippi

Donny is the chair of the History and Government Department at Kilgore College in Kilgore TX.  He currently lives in Marshall with his wife, Amanda, who is also an ETBU alum, and their two children.  See Donny's advice for current ETBU history majors or for those considering a history degree.

How have you used the things you learned at ETBU, particularly in the Humanities or your studies in the Liberal Arts, in your current career? 

I teach history at Kilgore College, where I also serve as department chair, so the Liberal Arts courses I completed at ETBU have proven critical in laying the foundation for my career.

What Advice would you give students, or parents of students, considering a degree in History or Political Science from ETBU?

The Liberal Arts coursework that I completed at ETBU did more than simply help me acquire a knowledge base from which to launch a career. Rather, it also inspired me to ask essential questions about the society in which I lived and even the household in which I was raised. My search for the answers to these questions still continue today, and has steered my life in a direction toward a fulfilling career and life, as well as making me a better human being.

What advice would you give students currently pursuing a degree in History or Political Science from ETBU?

I would encourage students to enter the program with a mindset focused on obtaining a better understanding of the world in which they live. This will make the educational experience much more rewarding in the end.