Peer Group


For university planning purposes, it is common to select one or more groups of institutions for comparison purposes. One such group commonly used consists of peer institutions that are in many ways alike. The ETBU Peer Group is one such group. A number of factors went into deciding which schools would be in the ETBU Peer Group:


Geographical region. The geographical region for ETBU peers was selected to be made up of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana.


Enrollment patterns. Total enrollment; undergraduate enrollment; percentage of undergraduates who are full-time; and number of first-time, full-time undergraduates were considered.


Degrees awarded. At the time of the peer group selection, ETBU did not offer graduate degrees. While it was determined that a limited graduate program was acceptable, it was decided that the peer institutions should, if possible, be "characterized by their primary emphasis on general undergraduate baccalaureate-level education." (This was the definition used by the AAUP and The Chronicle for Higher Education in defining "Category II Baccalaureate Institutions" at the time of the selection.) This category included institutions for which "the number of post-baccalaureate degrees granted is fewer than 30 annually," or for which "fewer than 4 post-baccalaureate programs are offered."  This basic description regarding degrees awarded continues to serve as a guideline for maintaining the peer group.


Cost of tuition and fees. This was not emphasized in the selection process.


Location. It was felt that institutions located in large metropolitan areas might differ from ETBU.


Mission. Although not explicitly addressed, it was a factor in the selection process. Only private, not-for-profit, four-year or higher, baccalaureate institutions were considered.


Residence of the student body. Based on the percentage of undergraduates who are full-time, it was assumed that the larger this percentage, the more likely the student body is primarily residential. Since ETBU is a residential campus, it was deemed desirable for the members of the peer group be likewise.



Following extensive research and deliberation, it was determined that the following group of ten institutions satisfies the criteria for being selected for the ETBU Peer Group:

     Howard Payne University

     Louisiana College

     McMurry University

     Oklahoma Baptist University

     Ouachita Baptist University

     Schreiner University

     Southwestern Adventist University

     Southwestern Assemblies of God University

     Texas Lutheran University

     University of the Ozarks


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