Frequently Asked Questions

ETBU Account Information

What is my ETBU User ID and Password?

Your ETBU User ID (sometimes referred to as your "username") is the first name_last name. For example-

  • student name: John Smith
  • student ETBU User ID: john_smith

Your password will be the first 2 letters of your lastname followed by the last four digits or your social security number by default (you can change your password). It is highly recommended that you do so.

  • student name: John Smith
  • student SS#: 123-45-6789
  • student password: sm6789
How do I change my password?
Which applications use the ETBU ID?
  • With the exception of CampusConnect, all other applications by default use your User ID.
  • Also, any computer into which you may login, you will use the ETBU ID and password.



    How do I login to Blackboard?
    • Hover over students in the navigation of
    • Select 'Blackboard'
    • Enter your ETBU user ID and Password
    • The amount of material that is available for any given course is up to your instructor, but all syllabi will be posted in Blackboard.


    Student ID (what is it, what is it used for, where do I find out what it is)

    What is my ETBU Student ID and where do I find out what it is, what is it used for?
    • Your ETBU Student ID is the randomly generated 9 digit number assigned when you are accepted to East Texas Baptist University.
      student ID: 4999-89999 (Never Enter with the Dash when prompted for your StudentID)
    • This number is sometimes used when requesting help from Financial Aid, Student Services, the Registrar's office, or your advisor to quickly pull up your records. These offices may request this number from you when you call or stop by to request help.
    • You can find your Student ID in CampusConnect on the demographic page or by asking your advisor or admissions counselor.
    • This number is your primary User ID when accessing CampusConnect and it is used if you request your PIN via email.
    • In the past at ETBU, the Student ID and a Student's Social Security Number were the same, (THIS IS NO LONGER THE CASE ALL STUDENTS PAST AND PRESENT NOW HAVE A NEW RANDOM ID)
    • It is highly encouraged that you know your StudentID and keep it with you at all times.


    Campus Connect (schedule, financial aid/billing, account, degree audit, etc)

    How do I login to Campus Connect?
    • Navigate to to access Campus Connect.
    • Click Login at the top, right corner of the page
    • Enter your ETBU User ID (ex. john_doe) without spaces and PIN that was emailed to you when you Applied for Admission. If you did not receive your PIN or have lost it, you can click on the link that says "Click here to have your PIN emailed to you" on the Campus Connect login page
      • Enter your Student ID or SSN where prompted
      • Check your ETBU Email account for your PIN
    • Enter your Random PIN from Campus Connect '1234'
    • Once logged in, you may change your PIN by clicking the 'Change PIN' button within CampusConnect. PIN may be a four-digit number only.


    Internet Access

    Does my room have Internet Access?
    • Yes! All residence halls have wired high-speed internet.
    • You will need an ethernet cable to connect your computer to the internet port. (Cables are available at local stores or from the I.T. Office for a minimal cost.)
    Is wireless Internet access available?
    • The ETBU Wireless internet (also known as TigerNet) is available in many of the campus buildings. You can also access TigerNet in many locations outdoors and across the campus.
    How do I get on the internet?
    • Students living in the residence halls will need a computer with a network port as well as an ethernet (RJ-45) cable. Detailed instructions for connecting and troubleshooting help can be found here.
    • Commuter students can access the internet via ETBU dialup.

      dial-up access number: 903.935.1848
      username: ETBU User ID
      password: Your ETBU User ID password

    • Detailed instructions for setting up your computer to use dialup are available in the I.T. Office if you need assistance.

    Is Internet access available to off-campus students?
    • Yes. All enrolled students designated as commuters will be granted a dial-up access account automatically.


    dial-up access number: 903.935.1848
    username: ETBU User ID
    password: Your ETBU User ID password
    Is the Internet access filtered?
    • ETBU filters nudity and pornographic sites.
    Other ways to connect to the Internet
    • There are over 40 computers located in the library for student use. Printing is available in the library. Computers are located in various labs throughout campus. Also, internet kiosks are located in each residence hall lobby as well as in Marshall Hall and the Student Center. Printing is not available from the kiosks.
    Where can I get a network cable?
    • Network cables are available at local stores (Walmart, Radio Shack, etc) or from the ETBU I.T. Office for a minimal cost. The I.T. Office can make custom length cables for you.


    Computer Hardware/Software

    Do I have to bring my own computer?
    • No. There are over 40 computers located in the library for student use. Kiosks are located in each residence hall as well as in Marshall Hall and the Student Center. However, it is recommended that you bring your own computer.
    What kind of computer do I need?
    • We recommend that your computer meet these minimum requirements.

    Celeron, Pentium III or newer
    Windows 7 or newer
    2 GB RAM
    250.0GB hard drive
    10/100 network port (RJ-45)

    OSX - current version
    2 GB RAM
    250.0GB hard drive
    10/100 network port (RJ-45)

    Does ETBU sell computers or software?
    • No but we do have agreements with some of our vendors that allow our students to purchase computers and software directly, and at ETBU prices. See our Discounts page for more information.
    Will ETBU fix or upgrade my computer for me?
    • We do provide free assistance to help students get their computers connected to the ETBU network. There is no charge for this service.
    • For other computer issues, we have technicians that make themselves available after hours for a fee. Contact the I.T. Office for more information.
    What types of software do I need?
    • The standard software used throughout the campus is Microsoft Office 2007, Outlook (for email), and Internet Explorer. You are not required to use these software products, but you may find less compatibility issues and that it is easier to get help or support if you have a problem.
    How do I view a 2007 document in an older version of Word?
    • Office 2007 now saves documents in a different format than previous versions of Office. Windows Office users should see the Open a Word 2007 document in an earlier version of Word web page for information on downloading a Compatibility Pack. This Compatibility Pack will also allow other Office 2007 documents such as an Excel spreadsheet to be opened. For technical details, see this web page.
    • Macintosh Office users can download a converter program to open Office 2007 documents.
    Can I transfer files between an ETBU computer and my personal computer?
    • Yes. Students may bring USB jump drives to transfer information between computers. Also, there are free online storage services such as SkyDrive where you can store your files and access them from anywhere.
    Can I use a Mac?
    • Yes! As long as you have the latest version of Microsoft Office, you should be able to have full access to the standard applications used by the university. Obviously, you may have a course that requires software that only operates on a PC. If this is the case, you may have to use software that will allow you to load a Windows operating system alongside your Mac operating system.



    How do I protect myself from viruses/spyware?
    • Unfortunately, destructive viruses and spyware have become commonplace. BEFORE you plug your computer into the network, you should make sure you have a good Anti-virus and Anti-SPyware program running that automatically updates itself through the web. Also, if you use Microsoft Windows, you want to make sure you keep the critical updates current. Microsoft currently releases updates on the 2nd Tuesday and every month and sometimes more frequently. This one step alone can save you a lot of problems.
      Running a computer system which does not have the latest patches and/or is not running appropriate anti-virus/anti-spyware software leaves it vulnerable to infection and may result in having it removed from the campus network.
    • For more information, click Here.



    Why do I need an ETBU email account?
    • Email is the official means of communication at ETBU. This means that your instructors will use this email to send you important class information. The Business Office, the Registrar’s Office, Financial Aid, Student Services and other offices will use your ETBU email to communicate with you. All students and employees have been given an ETBU email address. You are responsible for checking your ETBU email often.
    How do I check my ETBU email?
    • On the ETBU homepage, click on TigerMail (or go directly to and login using your ETBU User ID and password. For more details about TigerMail, navigtate to the Help and Tutorials section.
    What is my email address?
    • Your email address is your ETBU User ID (lowercase) plus ''. For example...


    student name: John Smith
    student ETBU User ID: john_smith
    student email address:
    How much email space is available?
    • You have 10 gigabytes of space available in your ETBU mailbox. BE AWARE that if it fills up you will not be able to receive incoming email until you have deleted old email to make room.
    Can I forward my ETBU email to another email account? (ie.Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc)
    • Yes, TigerMail allows you to forward all incoming email to another account.
    • Login to TigerMail -> 'settings' -> 'forwarder' - and enter the email address you would like all mail to be forwarded to, and click 'save changes'. *** Currently this forwards your email to your new address AND leaves a copy in your tigermail account, which will still allow your ETBU mailbox to eventually fill up and keep you from receiving new email. If you use this option, be sure to check your ETBU Tigermail account every now and then and delete old email so that your mailbox doesn't fill up.
    Can I use Outlook, Outlook Express, or some other email client to check my ETBU email?
    • Yes! Use the information below to configure any POP3 compatible email client to check your ETBU email or check out our tutorial for Outlook.
      • (POP3) incoming mail server:
        (SMTP) outgoing mail server:
        username: ETBU User ID
        password: Password



    Does ETBU provide a telephone in the residence halls?
    • Phone service in Married Housing (Van Zandt Apts) and in pre-assigned Resident Assistant Rooms. However, you will need to bring your own phone.
    • All other Resident Housing facilities have a phone available in the lobby and/or on the different floors.
    How do I place a local call?
    • Dial 9 to get an outside line.
    • To reach another phone on campus: simply lift the handset and dial the four digit extension.
    How do I place a long distance call?
    • Long distance service is not provided to students. In order for a student to place a long distance call, you must use one of the following methods:
      Calling Card
      1800 Numbers
      Please note that 10_10 prefixes or similiar services will not work at ETBU.



    Is cable TV available in my room?
    • Yes! We have a cable connection in the common area of each room.
    • There is no charge for the cable services we offer.
    What programming is available?
    • We provide the basic cable service provided by Fidelity Communications.