Working in the U.S.

Due to differences and educational expectations, most international students require long hours of study which limits their time for employment. The Government of the United States provides severe penalties, such as deportation, for illegal employment. However, under certain conditions, the following forms of employment are allowed...

University Workstudy
Students may work up to 20 hours per week on campus to assist them in meeting their financial obligations to the University. Due to the high demand for workstudy positions at ETBU, students may, except in rare occasions, work only 10 hours per week on campus.

In summer and on holidays, students may accept full-time on-campus employment.

Severe Hardship Work Permit
Issued by the United States Government, the Severe Economic Hardship Work Permit is issued to students who have already studied one year in the United States. The permit allows students to work up to 20 hours per week on or off campus. However, students must provide documented evidence of severe financial hardship that resulted from unexpected circumstance. (loss of job by a parent / sponsor, death of a parent / sponsor, economic crisis, currency devaluation, etc.) Please, contact Alan Huesing, Director of International Education, for more information concerning the Severe Economic Hardship Work Permit.

Optional Practical Training Work Permit
After your graduation from the University, you may work for up to one year in the field of your graduating study/major as a part of your education in the United States. Contact Alan Huesing for more information.