Academic Advising & Registration

New Students:

The Director of International Education serves as academic advisor for all new international students. By the second year of enrollment, each student is assigned an advisor from the academic department of his major. The International Director continues to advise students who have University Studies as a major.

Advisors will schedule the student's classes for the first semester using the appropriate 8-semester plan online. New students will be registered for the Fall 2014 semester after June 1. Students must make at least the first payment by July 31, or their schedule of classes will be dropped. If your schedule is dropped, contact your advisor when you are prepared to make payment. Payments can be made online HERE.

Returning Students:

Returning students will register for the Sprin, 2014 semester - depending on their classification (seniors first) - beginning October 29. All returning students will be eligible to register by November 5. Students must make at least the first payment by December 20, to preserve their schedule for the Spring semester.

Take time to visit with your academic advisor several times each semester. Your advisor will not only help you select classes for the upcoming semester, but also help you select a minor, explore opportunities for graduate study and employment, advise you of possible internships and other enhancements to your education. Be sure to call ahead and schedule an appointment to meet with your advisor.