M.Ed. with Teacher Certification

 The following required courses, successfully completed, lead to a Master's degree in Education with Texas Teacher Certification. 

Core Courses (Required for Master of Education) - 12 hours

  • EDUC 5301 Legal Issues, Professional Development, and Diverse Learners
  • EDUC 5302 Educational Psychology and Learning Theory
  • EDUC 5331 Teachers as Researchers
  • EDUC 5332 Research Applications in the Classroom

Teacher Certification Option  - 18 hours

  • EDUC 5340 Studies in Effective Classroom Management and Instructional Strategies
  • READ 5317 Reading in the Elementary School (Required for Elementary)***
  • READ 5318 Reading in the Content Area
  • EDUC 5326 The Adolescent Learner (Required for Secondary)***
  • EDUC 5333 Technology in Today's Classroom
  • EDUC 5102 TExES Preparation for EC-12th grade**
  • Six hours of either Student Teaching or Internship
    • EDUC 5341 Curriculum and Assessment I with Internship and
    • EDUC 5343 Curriculum and Assessment II with Internship
    • EDUC 5342 Curriculum and Assessment I with Student Teaching and
    • EDUC 5344 Curriculum and Assessment II

*** All Level Students can choose between these two courses.

** Course required for Master of Education with teacher certification but does not count toward the required thirty hours. Students must make a passing score on a required practice TExES (Texas teacher certification exam) in order to qualify for the actual TExES examination.  


12 Month Master's degree with Teacher Certification Course Schedule

Summer II (June)

Summer III (July)



Summer I (May)

EDUC 5302

EDUC 5333

READ 5318

EDUC 5326
READ 5317

EDUC 5340

EDUC 5341

EDUC 5102

EDUC 5331

EDUC 5343
EDUC 5344

EDUC 5332

EDUC 5301


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