How to create a T.E.A. account

To be accepted into our program you will need to take and pass the TExES content exam for your grade level and subject area. You will need to make an account both with the ETS website and the TEA website. Once this is done, we will give approval for you to take the appropriate test. Then you will be able to go the ETS website to register for you test location and time. 

Here are the steps towards creating an account with TEA:

1)    To make a TEA account, you need to go to
2)    On the right you will find and click on a button that says: ‘TEASE & TEAL Secure Application’.
3)    It will take you to a new page on which you will click the ‘TEAL Login button’.
4)    On this next page click ‘Request New User Account’.
5)    Fill out of the personal information to complete the form.For ‘Organization Type’ select ‘Educator’. You may leave the ‘Job Title’ section blank.
6)    Click ‘Submit’ and continue through until you are given an account.
7)    Once this is done we will be able to approve you for the exam.
8)    Then you will be able to go to the ETS website to register for the exam time and location.

If you need tutoring help you can find out more at the ETS website. If you would like to take a practice test, we have those available here. Please call 903-923-2277 to set up a time to take the practice exam if you would like to take it. If you have questions about the TEA or ETS websites or this process, please contact Judy Hogberg at 903-923-2274.