Retention & Progression Policy

Students must earn a minimum of a "C" in all courses within the Major and maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.60 in all courses.  Students will also undergo a written performance evaluation at the end of each semester.  These evaluations are intended to be a positive experience to show the student athletic trainer areas needing improvement such as attitude, communication skills, and clinical skills.  The student will also be required to earn 200 clinical hours during each given semester.

Failure to maintain acceptable academic standards as listed above will result in the student being placed on probationary status for 1 semester.  If the student shows a lack of academic progress, has not achieved an acceptable GPA (2.60 Cumulative minimum), or fails to meet the minimum clinical hour requirement by the end of the probationary semester the student may be dismissed from the ATEP.  Once academic standards have been meet the student may apply for readmission to the program.