Dismissal Policy

Athletic training students will be allowed to repeat only one of the courses in the major in which they score below a grade of "C". Students may repeat the course in question the next time the course is offered, however, will not be allowed to take any other courses required in the major until the repeated course is satisfactorily completed. Dismissal from the program does not constitute dismissal from the University.  The ATEP reserves the right to dismiss any student whose behavior is deemed threatening to the welfare of any individual, is unsafe in any manner, who engages in unprofessional conduct, or does not maintain academic standards.

Students who have been dismissed from the program will be given the opportunity to petition the Program Director for readmission to the program.  In order to petition, the student must submit to the program director a formal letter indicating intent to seek readmission.  The student will be required to submit an essay outlining the reasons the student should be considered for readmission as well as a complete re-entry interview with the ATEP Committee.  Students may petition for readmission to the program only once.


Current BOC pass rates for ETBU Graduates:

2010-2013 first time test takers 50%

2010-2013 all test takers 60%

2012-2013 first time test takers 80%