The Intersection of Faith & Reflection

A Panel Discussion

When: Tuesday, February 4, 2014, 3:30-4:30pm

Where: Edwards Governance Room, Ornelas Student Center

Contact: Elizabeth Ponder | 903-923-2263 | 

In February 2013 the CECS put forth a grant opportunity for the faculty of ETBU titled The Intersection of Faith & Reflection. The focus of the grant was to have recipients practice reflection as a means to explore the concepts of faith and scholarship. This group of bloggers has chronicled their experiences over the Fall 2013 on The Intersection blog. Together as a group one last time, the inaugural Intersection writers will now share their experiences and answer questions during a panel discussion time. Join us as we reflect upon our semester of reflection!


Dr. Catherine Cone
Associate Professor of Biology

Dr. Laci McRee
Assistant Professor of Kinesiology

Dr. Stan Coppinger
Professor of English

Dr. Jennifer Bashaw
Assistant Professor of Religion

Dr. Mark Miller
Associate Professor of Sociology