Congratulations to our 2014-2015 Professor with Distinction Recipients

Dr. Roy G. Darville

Professor of Biology and Chair of Department of Biology and Chemistry, ’83
B.S., M.S., Lamar University; Ph.D., Oklahoma State University; additional graduate study at
the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston and University of South Bohemia

Dr. Marty S. Warren

Professor of Mathematics and Chair of Department of Mathematics, ’92
B. A., M.S., Ph.D., Baylor University

Dr. Cassandra M. Falke

Associate Professor of English, ’06-'14
B.A., University of Georgia; M.L.A., St. John’s College; Ph.D., University of York

Professor with Distinction

Purpose: To establish an opportunity for outstanding faculty achievement to be supported and recognized on the campus of East Texas Baptist University.

Limitations: No more than 10% of the faculty will ever be awarded this rank at any one time.  The rank is only good for a period of 3 years, and faculty must rotate off one year before eligible to be re-nominated. Approximately 3 faculty will be awarded the honor during the first 2-3 years in order to stagger the timing of the award. Going forward, approximately 3-4 faculty will be given the honor as approximately 3-4 faculty rotate off. 


•    Full-Time Faculty
•    Earned Rank of Associate or Full Professor
•    5 years teaching experience at ETBU (may be nominated during 5th year at ETBU)


    1. Nominations are submitted electronically through the Center for Excellence in Christian Scholarship.
    2. Nominations are accepted from colleagues or students.
    3. Nominations will close November 30 for the following year’s awards.
    4. The Program Coordinator of the Center for Excellence in Christian Scholarship will notify faculty who have been nominated and are eligible for the award by December 7.
    5. Nominated faculty who wish to accept the nomination will need to submit the following materials electronically to the Center for Excellence in Christian Scholarship by January 15:
      i. an accompanying letter of support from department chair or dean;
      ii. an essay of approximately 1000 words on the topic, “What it Means to Teach at East Texas Baptist University;”
      iii. any other accompanying documentation in support of their nomination including additional letters of support, student course evaluations, etc.

Selection Process:

  1. The Provost/VPAA will appoint Awards Selection Committee by January 31 composed of the following from faculty who are not in the excepted nomination pool:
    1. A member of the Executive Committee of the Faculty Senate
    2. A member of the Dean’s Council
    3. A representative of the Student Government Association
    4. A member of the Contract and Promotion Committee
  2. The Program Coordinator of the Center for Excellence in Christian Scholarship will forward completed nomination packets  to the Awards Selection Committee.   The nominees will be selected based on the following general selection criteria:
    1. Extraordinary dedication to undergraduate teaching
    2. Evident impact on undergraduate and/or graduate students
    3. Evident involvement with students in and out of the classroom
    4. Scholarly approach to teaching
    5. Ongoing contribution to academic discipline
    6. Effective integration of faith and learning
    7. Committed to the University mission

Award Process:

  1. The selection process will occur in the spring semester for the following academic year awards.
  2. The first nominations will be accepted in the fall of 2013 for the awards to be granted in the fall of 2014.
  3. The Awards Selection Committee will submit their recommendations to the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs for approval by the Cabinet and the President by March 31 for the following academic year awards.
  4. The President will recommend to the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees names for Professor with Distinction status at the spring Board of Trustees meeting. 
  5. The full Board will vote on those names recommended by the Trustee Executive Committee. 


  1. Honorary Medallions to be worn at special occasions and special seating at Commencement and Convocation beginning with the spring semester Commencement immediately following the board meeting in which the recognition was approved.
  2. One time honorarium of $1,500.00**

* Nominations will be considered for one year only and must be resubmitted to be considered in another year.

** The honorarium will be paid in June immediately following the granting of the award.