A concentration in Management of Information Systems at ETBU prepares students to design, develop, and maintain systems that collect and manage data. Using skills in web authoring and e-commerce, systems design and database development, computer networking, Visual Basic programming, and operating systems, students learn to analyze business needs for data collection. They also learn to manage staff and computer systems.


Information is used by managers to make decisions and MIS professionals supply that information. They use computers and technology to gather, store, retrieve, and process information. They understand programming languages. They know how to represent business information in computerized formats. 


When studying MIS, students learn a lot about computers. But that's not all. They also get a good grounding in all aspects of business administration. This helps you understand the kinds of information needed by the various departments of a firm. The four years required for a bachelor's degree will provide a solid background in various business subjects and improve job prospects and opportunities for promotion to Information Systems Manager.



     The following fifteen (15) hours are required:

          COSC 1302 Principles of Information Systems

          COSC 2308 Computer Operating Systems

          COSC 3315 Computer Networking

          COSC 3317 E-Commerce and Internet Applications

          COSC 3333 Computer Networking Infrastructure

     Nine (9) hours from the following courses:

          COSC 2312 Web Authoring

          COSC 2328 Visual Basic

          COSC 4321 Information Systems Development

          COSC 4325 Advanced Database Techniques