Degree Requirements

All degree requirements as defined on pages 38-39 of the current undergraduate catalog must be met to receive the Bachelor of Applied Science degree with a major in university studies with a business concentration. 


General Education Requirements 

English 1301, 1302, (3) Hours sophomore literature

Religion 1302 and 1330 (Old and New Testament Survey)



Science (must be lab science)


Speech 1311 (Fundamentals of Speech Communication)


Bridge and Prerequisite Course Requirements

*Denotes courses which can also meet General Education Requirements

MGMT 2350 Principles of Management

RLGN 1320 Introduction to the Old Testament*

MKTG 2324 Principles of Marketing

RLGN 1330 Introduction to the New Testament*



Advanced Hour Requirements

Completion of thirty-nine (39) semester hours with a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher:

GSTU 3100 Introduction to Life/Work*

MGMT 3354 Business Information Systems Management

MGMT 4357 Theory and Practice of Supervision 

MGMT 4351 Organizational Behavior  

BUAD 3327 Business Law

MGMT 3353 Human Resource Management 

MGMT 4353 Organizational Leadership  

MGMT 4355 Conflict Resolution and Negotiation  

MGMT 4359 Production Management  

BUAD 3367 Business and Accounting Ethics

MKTG 4326 Marketing Management 

MKTG 3327 Integrated Marketing Communications 

MGMT 4356 Problems in Management  

GSTU 3102 Leadership Development I

GSTU 4105 University Studies Capstone Seminar 


*If portfolio credit is needed to meet the 69 college-level credit hour minimum prior to admission this course can be taken as part of the Bridge and Prerequisite Course Requirements.



All course descriptions are availible in the undergraduate catalog.