ETBU/Panola College Degree Completion Program


In an attempt to provide an opportunity for current students at Panola College and members of the surrounding communities who have not completed a baccalaureate degree, East Texas Baptist University will offer the Bachelor of Applied Science degree with a major in University Studies and a concentration in Business. The two schools are united in purpose to provide Higher Education to our constituents.


The Bachelor of Applied Science degree with a major in university studies with a business concentration is offered as a part of an articulation agreement with Panola College. The Bachelor of Applied Science degree program is designed for working adults, adults who wish to return to school, and other non-traditional students. The degree provides a mechanism to recognize college level learning from prior work experience, individual and other types of study, prior academic experience, and transfer credit in fields which are not offered at East Texas Baptist University (ETBU). Specified courses will be delivered on the Panola College campus in Carthage, Texas. 


The majority of courses in this program are taught in a 5-week, compacted format and are web-enhanced. Adult nontraditional and web-enhanced courses may incorporate more outside class time to meet the learning and instructional goals for the course and less synchronous class activities. The time spent outside of class in learning teams, projects and web-based instruction plus the weekly didactic on-campus instructional seminars compose the determination for awarding appropriate course credit based on equivalent learning outcomes. Practicum, clinical and experiential course credit loads may be determined by a mix of didactic and/or field placement hours, as well as industry standard levels of credit. These requirements

for earning credit load will be specifically addressed in the course syllabus or course description and evaluated according to the ability of the student to meet the course learning outcomes.


Instruction will be conducted by ETBU faculty at Panola College using classroom facilities. All baccalaureate policies of the ETBU catalog will apply to students enrolled through this agreement between the two schools. For more information, contact an ETBU representative at 903-923-2147.